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Frequent questions

It is a surgery performed under local anesthesia, in which some hair from the parietal and occipital area is transferred to the area affected by baldness.

The most performed are FUSS/FUT and FUE.
In FUSS (Follicular Unit Strip Surgery) a flap of scalp is removed from the nape area which is immediately sutured without giving rise to obvious scars (even with short hair). The flap is dissected, the hair is extracted, cleaned of the dermis and implanted one by one in the thinning area.
It is a fairly invasive technique and leaves many micro-scars which can then be particularly visible.
FUE (Follicular Unit Extration) is a monobulbar autotransplant where the hair is taken one by one from the thickest area, avoiding obvious stitches and scars, and transferred to the bald area.

The implanted hair will not fall out, but this will not prevent the progress of baldness.
To slow down this process, targeted trichological treatments can be done.

Because it is a non-surgical and non-invasive hair thickening.
The prosthesis is made of real hair which, having the same characteristics as yours, integrates perfectly and no one will ever think of you as a person who was hairless before.

Prostheses differ from wigs because they exactly reflect the measurements of the hairless area, moreover they remain adhered to the scalp from a minimum of 15 days up to over 2 months, furthermore they are always made of real hair.
Wigs, on the other hand, although beautiful, have standard measurements and must be removed daily because they usually lack an effective adhesion system, finally the hair of which they are made they are often made of synthetic fiber and of poor or good quality.
However, there are also real hair wigs.

Each case must be evaluated individually, however we can say that the times, in most cases, are decidedly short.
90% of people who turn to us get the result they require within a few days of the first consultation.

The trichological treatments are recommended for all those who have a scalp anomaly (dandruff, sebum, seborrheic dermatitis, etc.) and for those who are starting to lose their hair.
For these purposes we use specific and targeted products for each individual case.
These products are based on natural essential oils, plant extracts, keratin and various active ingredients tested micro-biologically and bacteriologically, to which the aid of special machinery is added to stimulate the hair growth process, promoting good oxygenation and skin stimulation.