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Evolution Style can help you feel better, to face your situation through a careful assessment that allows you to implement a personalized path of sure effectiveness that will solve your discomfort forever.

Evolution Style - Trichological Center in Sardinia

Our company was born in Olbia, in a very quiet and relaxing area, the ideal location for those who love privacy and absolute confidentiality.

Today, to meet the needs of our customers, we are present in the main capitals of Sardinia, with offices in Olbia, Sassari and Cagliari.

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Our conviction

One day a person we esteem very much asked us: "What is communication for you?", responding quickly was impossible except by muttering the usual cliches, almost discounted.
Finally, he confided his thoughts to us with such simplicity and said: "For me, communication is being sincerely interested in others".
This statement hypnotized us, so much so that from that day on we decided to make it our motto.
And we are still certain that those few words contain exactly the true essence of our being.